Barbecue Rondo

The Rondo Model, with its unique oval shape, is the centrepiece in the assortment of our company. It can be equipped with the whole range of barbecue additions such as a smokehouse or pizzastone and that is what makes Rondo the most luxurious and eligible among others. Not only can it serve as a free-standing barbecue, but, by using its extra chimney elements, it can also be fixed to already existing chimney shafts or portable /

Barbecue Tampere

The Tampere Model is undeniably the leader of the most originally shaped and beautifully crafted charcoal barbecues on the market. It also has very large capacity to cater for a lot of guests at a time. The Tampere barbecue has a robust construction and it can be used with a stainless steel rotary rod. It also provides good space for storing briquettes or charcoal under the fireplace.

Barbecue Corner

The Corner Model has been designed to be placed in a corner of a house or a garden alcove. Undoubtedly, this model has an unparalleled shape which makes it very attractive also as a free-standing barbecue. Corner is equipped with the cast-iron grates, under which there is a stainless steel ash-pan and a drawer for ash.

Barbecue Musalla

The Musalla Model has beautiful lines of the shape, which can be viewed from any angle due to its classic and simple construction. Furthermore, it has an optimally wide fireplace opening and uniform fire chamber with replaceable fire-clay elements. There is no shadow of doubt that it will appeal to any amateur of leisure time grilling.

Barbecue Spring

The Spring Model is the smallest and lightest charcoal barbecue in our offer that has the most important technical solutions. It is perfect for balconies, terraces or small gardens. The plate on which fire is lit is made of fire-clay concrete resistance to high temperatures to prevent /

Barbecue Table

The innovating design of the Table Model combines the functionalities of a garden table and an easily accessible charcoal barbecue. From the practical point of view, the stainless steel hood helps burn a fire quickly. Moreover, when it is not used, it can serve as an interesting and unique decoration as /

Barbecue Elipsa


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Barbecue Tower


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Barbecue BIG

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